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At SPOS, we try to be a one stop shop for our customers. As a business owner, I believe that it  is better to deal with one service company, than multiple ones. We know that is not easy to run a sucessfull business, not to mention, how time consuming it can be. Below are services that we specialize in.

Point of Sale

 SPOS carries a variety of certified equipment from leading manufacturers in the business. we carry from the traditional pc's to the new tablet pc's. We also have the most reliable and well developed softwares  for hospatalety and retail verticle markets. Personal Training and customized programing, to fit all your business needs.

Surveilance Systems

We understand that security in todays age is a necesity not a luxury. we carry only the best quality DVR systems with high resolution cameras for a outstanding result. Remote view from any portable device, like iphone, android, Apple products. All with a profesional installation and a lengthy recording  time. 

Signature Signage

The new age is here for viewing and showing customers not only your products and menu, but also some information on your business success on a flat screen. Top quality digital design, low cost, makes are product very affordable. So don't spend extra money on old menu boards, bringing the future to todays world. Easy to use and program.

Merchant Services

At SPOS we know that one of many important decisions, is finding the best credit card processing rates in a very competitive market. SPOS works as a broker to find you the best rate possible with a seamless integration to our software system. We work with only the top processors in the country. We can also push for the best rates, since we give them high volumes.


It is a must for a business to invest in the right marketing stragedy. With over 15 years of helping businesses open up and run for years, we take the guessing game out of the equation. We carry from customer loyalty, rewards program, social media compaynes, to capturing customers data to maximize return business and higher ticket average.

Financing / Loans

We have seen cost of goods and operations increase threw out the years. Business Start ups are usually over budget by the time they get to the purchase of there Point of Sale and Electronic equipment. So SPOS provides different ways to afford all equipment no matter of the  credit score. We will find financing for everyone. Also Loans  to open more locations.

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