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I believe anything is possible. I see opportunity

when others see impossibility. I take risks, I'm

focused, I hustle, I know that nothing is unrealistic. I feel overwhelming with love, I embrace my childlike wonder and curiosity, I take flying leaps into the unknown. I contribute to something greater than myself. I creat, I learn, I grow, I do, I am an entrepreneur, founder ceo

Gilbert Perez, Superior Point of Sales, SPOS.

SPOS Servicing Business in South Florida since 1999.

 I strongly believe that sucess comes from team work and specializing in providing the best service possible. Is not about the sales that makes us different, but about customer retention and high quality service. My staff

is commited to providing a personal relationship with all customers of SPOS. We also thank all of our customers for there loyalty and relationship threw out the years.

 We have seen the point of sale market evolved and change alot threw out the years.

Another chalenge has been to adopt to changes and at the same time stay ahead of the competition. Working with only the top manufacturers in hardware and software has helped us grow.



We Are Here to Help you Grow

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